About Us

We are driven to deliver value

Vision Statement

Our vision is to exemplify a model of technology services and consulting which delivers a level of quality and value that always leaves our clients better off for having partnered with us in the pursuit of achieving their objectives.

Mission Statement

We don't just want you to feel good about our products and services; we want you to value them truly. So, whether your requirement is for a skilled resource, a digital strategy or an innovative solution, we make it our mission not just to meet your expectations but exceed them as well.

Meet our founders

XMPLIFY was founded in 2018 by two IT veterans with a passion for delivering value driven technology outcomes.

Sam Briggs

Principal Consultant

Sam has been delivering enterprise software solutions in Australia across public and private sectors for over 20 years. He has worked as a software developer, technical lead and solution architect, and has a proven record track record delivering end-to-end solutions in complex environments.

I'm a natural-born problem solver with a straightforward outlook on life: “There’s no such thing as problems, only opportunities to find solutions!” Over the years, this outlook has allowed me to think well outside the box and develop innovative resourcefulness in solution delivery.

James Riley

Principal Consultant

James has worked in both the public and private sectors in the UK and Australia amassing 15 years of cutting edge IT experience. He has worked as a software developer, technical lead and solution architect delivering and leading successful outcomes on many different projects across multiple industries.

I'm often the one to see things differently, and I love to take the impossible and make it possible. After 15+ years of accepting such challenges, I have gained the knowledge and experience to tackle any problem in an innovative and often original way.

Why did we start XMPLIFY?

The idea for XMPLIFY was formed out of a common belief shared by both co-founders that 'the true measuring stick for everything we do is the value that we create in doing it!'

With that in mind, we wanted to develop a technology services and consulting company that is driven by delivering quality outcomes through a lean and dynamic service model which enables organisations to engage with us in flexible ways that deliver great value.

Or to put it another way, we wanted to create a company that exemplifies good value in everything it does!

What we value

Integrity & Transparency

We see trust as an essential fabric to delivering successful outcomes which is why we operate with full transparency and continuous feedback loops across the engagement.

Innovation & Creativity

When it comes to problem-solving, we're big on innovative thinking and creative solutions, shaping processes and technology to meet your business need.

Communication & Collaboration

Our engagement style is client-centric, highly collaborative and underpinned by the principle that communication is a continuous part of the project cycle.

Transformation & Improvement

We're always on the lookout for opportunities to help our clients improve their current landscape and transform how they engage with technology to increase business benefit.

Commitment & Success

Our team is committed to delivering outcomes that meet the metrics of your agreed success criteria. Your success is our success.

Resourcefulness & ROI

Wherever possible, we look for innovative ways to leverage an organisation's existing assets to minimise cost and drive maximum return on investment.

Let's connect

We are always open for a chat to discuss a project and help your organisation with digital transformation.