We deliver great value in several key areas of Digital Transformation

XMPLIFY provides consulting services in several areas that drive digital transformation. We see consulting separately from other aspects of our services because we lead the engagement to accelerate your transformation. Our integrated consulting services help both government and businesses enhance their performance via quicker project delivery and increased delivery efficiency. See our primary consulting areas and methodology below.

Strategy & Planning

We love helping organisations shape and align their business and technology strategies. Our vast experience of 35+ years in technology and our additional business skills can help your organisation with a strategy and detailed outlining. This strategy involves maintenance, cybersecurity or how to leverage technology to best grab market-opportunities in your industry.

Architecture & Design

We excel at taking on complex challenges and solving them with our decades of architecture & design experience. Our goal is to deliver sustainable solutions that align with your enterprise architecture roadmap, have a shorter time to service, decrease total cost of ownership and immediate return on investment. 

Projects & Implementation

Our highly experienced team has been delivering enterprise projects across both public and private sectors their entire careers, so we know what it takes to deliver successful projects in complex environments. From waterfall to agile, and everything in between, we work in with your existing project management methodologies to make projects happen.

Cloud & Migration

When it comes to moving to the cloud, we can help you with everything from planning and executing a tactical lift. Another solution we provide is shifting your existing on-prem assets to leverage the immediate benefits of the cloud. This process can involve rearchitecting your systems and services to take advantage of PaaS- and SaaS-features to simplify complex workloads and drive efficiency. Whatever the direction, we focus on scalable solutions that are secure by design and efficient to operate.

Our Methodology

Our consulting methodology is underpinned by the seven principles of quality management and can be summarised by the following key pillars:


We believe every successful outcome starts by listening. We will engage with all your key stakeholders to understand your business, culture, strategy, vision, drivers, pain points, and requirements. We will listen with an intent to understand what is important to you, and your measure of success.


We believe in the principles of systematic discovery and robust analysis and see them as critical stepping-stones on the pathway to success. We will analyse your assets, existing contracts, current state, and identify gaps, opportunities, constraints, and risks to delivery. 


We will apply our capabilities and thousands of hours of collective consulting experience across multiple sectors and industries, with those of your current vendors and third-party providers, to shape a fit for purpose outcome that can be delivered efficiently and return immediate value.


We believe in the value of planning from start to finish and will engage with you to develop a clear and cohesive roadmap to success by leveraging the right planning resources at the right time. Whether it is initiation plans, project management and work plans, resource plans, communication plans, change management plans, implementation plans, training plans, or transition and support plans, we plan for success!


We pride ourselves on our ability to execute well. Whether we are delivering a strategy, or architecture, or implementing a commercial off the shelf or custom solution, we take a standard’s driven, best practice approach to what we do. We have a strong history, and proven track record, of delivering projects and services in complex ecosystems, unifying multiple stakeholders, vendors and managed service providers to execute well in their domain to produce a successful holistic outcome.


We believe that effective transition to operations and support is critical to achieving success in every engagement, and so will work with you to develop an approach which ensures a smooth and seamless transition for your business users, support teams, and other third-party vendors or managed service providers.


Support is not only critical throughout the engagement lifecycle but well after the outcome is delivered, that is why we are big believers for building it in, not bolting it on. Getting the right support, at the right time, enables the right outcomes to be successfully achieved and carried on. We will support you on your journey to success.


We like to work hard, but after all that hard work we also take time to celebrate major accomplishments with the client and our team. The end of every consulting engagement is a great accomplishment and represents a culmination of many hours of hard work and dedication from a team of contributors.